Right now Im discribing libero, who is almost 27 years old. He is 185 centimeter tall and unbelievable thin. He has short brown hair and wears glasses. He would be blind without them.

libero studies economics and german literature in Munich. He will have finished his studies by february 2005. Than he will move on to become a teacher.

In his sparetime hes a dedicated football fan. He supports the team of FC St. Pauli and travels from Munich to Hamburg several times a year.

Furthermore he is very interested in politics. All in all you can say, that he is a typical TAZ- reader.

libero is in love with his mobile and a girl called pe doubleyou.

I forgot a really anomaly side of libero, because he is the very best ventriloquist that I know.

autor: n.k. & alteheide, november 2004